Friday, January 17, 2014

the trouble with online dating...

Hey blog. I'm back again. It's been a while.

I'm all over the place with my thoughts. I realize I made a list of my goals a few weeks ago with the start of a new year {2014} that I meant to post here. Not really for anyone else (because who seriously reads my blog? no one) but as a reminder for myself. and to have something to go back to and look at from time to time. I should probably go find that in my email somewhere and post it here.

What's been going on? Well, I gave up facebook for the next 21ish days or so. I read somewhere a few nights ago "it takes 21 days to break a habit." or it's something like "it takes 21 days to start a habit." I can never remember which it is.
but really, it's the same to me. I feel like starting a new habit has got to be breaking some sort of bad habit at the same time. you're probably replacing the new thing for the old thing. or breaking some sort of bad habit is really starting a new habit. the new habit is not doing the old habit. I don't know if that makes sense but in my mind it does.

the motivation to write an entry is because I want to document something silly. 
completely silly and creepy and just weird! strange. odd. unnecessary.

so here goes:

it's a little something called eharmony.

a few months back while hanging in my bedroom with 2 close friends, one of them goes "this is what I would write in my 'about me' section on a dating site if I were Virginia…." and it got my attention. "alright, this is going to be good…I want to write these things down. you know, in case some day I join." so I was about to grab my computer to email these things to myself when Trace said to me "wait, what are you doing? log on and we will create an account for you right now…"

well ok then.

and that began the time I signed up for eharmony. but the free version. so all that means is basically I made an account, answered some questions about myself (which, by the way - if you're going to make an account, do it with a couple friends over. it is a lot easier to hear things about yourself and write them down that maybe you don’t notice in yourself. or it's especially easy when there is a section like "what would your friends say are your best qualities…" you can ask them right then and there and they can answer for you. easy peasy). so I made a free account. I go on here and there and check out people I'm matched with. but basically that means I judge whose account to look at based by their name/age because I can't see any pictures and you're matched with a hundred people a day. not being able to see pictures is good because it enables me from being completely shallow and only looking at the guys who i find attractive. but knowing what someone looks like would be nice too. so I play a little game: "ohhh. Jef. that looks like a cool name. 27? that's a good age i'd say" or "hmmm. Spencer. that's a little weird. 35? probably too old for me" and I don’t look. what the heck do i know anyways? 
I'm not taking this thing seriously. but if I were, I would love to pay for an account and have access to the whole thing and see who has viewed my profile and all that jazz.

but you know what stinks about it? it's basically like a resume. but instead of people reading it and deciding if you are qualified for a job, they read it and see if you are interesting/exciting/holy enough to date you. you want to say all the good qualities about yourself. you want to prove you're likable. or even worse, that you're a good, modest, sweet, christian woman with a "gentle and quiet spirit." and they want to prove the same. only about being a good christian man.

and it just turns me off.

turns. me. off.

because whenever someone tries to impress me, I am so not impressed. the complete opposite of being impressed. because I notice the little things in the opposite sex. I like to observe someone when they're not paying attention or when they don't notice I'm looking and find things I like about them that way. not read a list of their qualities on their best day and decide that way. I want to know people's character. I want to know what their friends think of them. I want to know if they even have friends! how they interact with children. things like that. and a quick profile glance doesn't show me those things. it might tell me. but I have always hated the idea of pumping myself up and not being myself on paper all so that I would get the job or even an interview. I would much rather just have a conversation with someone and get to know them that way. because I know personally, I can't write. I don't know how to make myself sound good. and the whole idea of trying to make myself sound good is just dumb anyways.

but back to eharmony. you hear all about how "great of a christian they are. how much they love their bible and can't live without it. (literally...there is an option to answer 5 things you can't live w/o) and how Jesus Christ is the personal savior of their life…" and all those things are good things. I know that. someone who believes in Jesus and calls him savior. or someone who values his teachings and reads the word. good things. But I'd rather just get to know those things about you. on paper you sound a little too much.

and I'd rather you not tell me the kind of woman you want me to be.
maybe that should get me to look at my profile and reconsider some of the things I wrote for something I'm looking for in a guy. maybe it would turn people away who don't own a boat or like the beach. but I feel like I wrote it loosely, like "and hey! if you happen to want to take me for a walk down the beach with my dog or take me for a boat ride…I just might die." - it's how I really feel. but is it a deal breaker? no. I have to be open to the fact that maybe what I think I want might not be what I need. or what I think I want might actually not be all that enjoyable and God knows that…so someone who will surprise me with by different activities and be into different things might just not only be what I need…but what I'd enjoy more as well.

if I've learned anything in life it's that I {often} don't know what I need/want. I hype something up in my mind thinking it's going to satisfy me and then when I get it…or when I don't get it and realize how thankful I am for not having been given it…I can see that I don't know what the crap I'm talking about.

but that's scary and also stinks because sometimes I'd like to know what I'm talking about and I'd love to be like "this is what I've always wanted and dreamed up and prayed for and BAM…God answered" and maybe it will be that way. but maybe it won't. and I have to trust that God knows best. because he also knows my heart.

but enough about that. the point of this blog was to write about some of the nonsense you find with online dating. here is a glimpse. i sent this in an email to a friend a few months back and must have blocked it out of my memory. for real. because today she told me she had a funny story to share and began to tell me about one of her friends who joined eharmony as well. and how she was matched with this person...

[the following is an exact quote from someone's eharmony profile that i sent to my friend a few months ago. apparently her friend who recently joined came across the same profile and had to share with her friends...]

"I'm looking for a person who is passionate about her life: her relationships, her life goals, and her favorite activities. We should be able to have spiritual/philosophical conversations about life as well as funny conversations about less serious topics.Definitely not as important as what I wrote above but still worth mentioning, a woman who enjoys having her feet touched is a turn-on for me. I give great foot massages. If you want to have your feet pampered, I'm your man."
i wish i was kidding. but i think this speaks for itself.
it's tough being single and looking for a quality man in the year 2014. whether it be from church or a friend introducing you to someone. it can be awkward. it can cause fear and anxiety that maybe no one will come along. and in cases like this, it can especially be tough going through an online dating source.
WHY must you talk about wanting a woman who wants her feet touched? really.

that is all. 

say a prayer for me and all my single lady friends. because they are awesome. and i'd love to see them have some quality dates with some quality men.

Monday, March 18, 2013

letting go of the leash

yesterday i took Misty for a walk down the beach. as we were walking on the sand i decided i wanted to let her off the leash. i've done this before and she is always just fine. she doesn't really run off without me and every so many steps she takes a look back at me to make sure i am following.

i really love letting her loose because she goes CRAZY and has such a fun time. the sand makes her mental and she gallops and runs around like a crazy lady and cracks me up.

but there's always that part of me that panics. PANICS. i always fear the worst. that she will run off and get attacked by another dog. or get hit by a car. die in front of me. i have issues and always expect the worst of almost any scenario.

so i made sure no one was around. no other dogs. and i let go.

but i simply let go of her leash and let her run free and explore rather than taking her leash off for her to run free.
{i do this just in case i have to grab for her quick or i am chasing after her. i will have something to grab for rather than her collar. the poor thing - she runs a little funny because she is dragging the leash behind her trying for it to not get in her way}

and yesterday i was reminded (yet again) of just how tightly i hold onto things.

when i walk with Misty i almost always have the leash wrapped around my hand a few times. i hold onto it tight and then wrap it an extra couple times just in case.

i do this to ensure i'm in control. and although in this case it is probably ok that i want to be in control and i want to make sure Misty is alright and doesn't get into any trouble, it's not ok that i do that when it comes to God. silly me never realized my how great my desire for control over my life is until a few months ago during redemption group.

all that to say - i have to let go. and not just let go of the leash so it trails behind as a way to guarantee i can be fast enough to run for it and grab it back again in case of an emergency (like i do while walking Misty) but i have to be willing to let go by taking the leash off completely. and give up stinkin control. and trust God with my life

what the heck is my problem?!?! i don't know best. at all. at all


couple reminders that i always go back to.
[yes i talk to myself]

Virginia, remember how you saw that house in Winthrop that you so desperately wanted to live in?  you loved it because of the location, down the public stairs to dunkin, in your favorite town close to the yacht club, a few steps away from a rocky beach, ocean views in every room on one side of the house, hardwood floors, beautifullll in every way. but it just wasn't right. you asked everyone you knew to live there with you but it just wouldn't work out. well, that's because you didn't know what God had in store just about one year later. you didn't know how He'd allow for you to save some money and pay off extra on your loans while living with your parents for a while. you would have never imagined an apartment being as perfect for you as the one you thought was perfect in Winthrop but Malden turned out to be even better in completely different ways: super close to new friendships, wonderful neighborhood, BEST landlord, awesome neighbor, exposed brick, BESTTTTT bedroom, where you can have Misty. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. and as great as you thought Winthrop would have been, God knows you love to have people to share your home with and he knew you'd be meeting a whole bunch of new people from a church hadn't started attending yet and knew nobody would probably ever wanna drive all the way to Winthrop to hang out with you. but in Malden? you'd have people over all the time. you'd love it. it would be a gift. a gift specific to your heart and desires. and it would be a blessing. and He knew it would be. 
He knew better.
as He often [always] does.

and Misty!

Remember how mmaadddddd you were that mom and dad were getting a new dog just days after Lightning? gosh. you were YELL-ing at them. yelling. you thought they were rushing it. you didn't even think she was that cute. ???? you did not want her.
you had no idea that upon meeting her you would be ashamed you ever thought that about her.
you didn't know she would be the answer to your prayers for wanting "your very own dog someday" and although she isn't technically only yours, she really seems it. you have the sweetest bond and she's the first dog you've ever had that has given you hope of your future working with dogs&children and she has affirmed your dreams on so many occassions and given you glimpses of what you really enjoy doing. 
if it were up to you, Misty would not be your dog. and that is scarrrrryyyyyyy to think about.
because boyyyy, did you have NO IDEA just how much of a blessing she would be. 

i can't even believe it. she is the most wonderful thing.

point is, i'm thankful that God knows.
even when i act like a know-it-all.
even when i beg for something and am not given what i want at that very moment.

i'm thankful that he provides.
and in these two cases, he provided with big gifts.
the gift of a wonderful apartment that i would never have imagined would top the one i so desperately wanted in Winthrop.
and another gift in the form of a dog i really did not want at first because i had something else in mind for the perfect dog.

i'm glad God knows. 
and cares.
i often have to remind myself of all the ways He has shown this because i am so quick to forget or just think lies about Him.

He just wants our trust.

and i want to and need to just let go. and trust Him. 

 my sweet girl last summer while walking one of our favorite spots: Deer Island. notice her "off the leash"

Monday, November 5, 2012

deliverance to dependence

Redemption Chapter 5: Demanding Manna

Oh, how I can relate to the Israelites. I am just like them.

I have really enjoyed reading about the Israelites for a while now because I can so relate with their interactions with the Lord. Reading about how God delivered the Israelites, tonight I learned that their deliverance wasn't the end of their story. God was setting them free so that they could experience Him in a way they couldn't while living in captivity.

They were on a journey of deliverance to dependence. Much like we all are.

What we often do, like the Israelites – is we forget too quickly. God mightily delivered the Israelites through the sea. He walked with them. He fought for them. He led them to the other side, through raging waters and away from their captors, and so quickly after arriving to the wilderness, they lost trust. They soon forgot what He had already done and they had thoughts that He was going to just leave them to die in the wilderness. And even worse, they looked back to where they came from, setting their eyes to Egypt, forgetting how horrific and harsh their conditions were. Forgetting just how bad it was under the rule of Pharaoh. Forgetting how enslaved they were. Forgetting enough that they wished to go back, thinking they were better off to die there rather than out in the wilderness where they thought they would starve to death.

And then God gave them manna. Enough for each day. Providing for their every need. Trying to teach them to trust. Every time they were to think of their need and their hunger, they would have to turn to God. He was longing for their dependence on Him.

Because that’s all He really wants. Relationship with us and for us to daily depend on Him.

We are delivered to depend on Him every day and so that we learn to trust Him.

But the Israelites grumbled.

“What if we don’t have enough?” “What if He doesn’t provide?” “Let me grab for more, even though He told me to take only what I need…just in case.”

I grumble.

“What if He doesn’t provide?” “What if He doesn’t take care of this?” “What if He doesn’t give me life on my terms – husband and children?” “What if He doesn’t take care of my parents/my family/their marriage?” “Let me try to control.”

I lack trust. I don’t believe He has my best interests in mind. Or that He knows them. {distrust}

I try to control. I try to be God and save my family. I take it into my own hands because I fear that without my work it will crumble. Not trusting that the Lord is the only one to redeem and the only one to save.  {pride}

My affections go towards the created rather than the Creator. I worship good things that can’t satisfy my heart like only He can. I give good things the place in my heart that only He should have.  I look for other things to satisfy what only He can. {idolatry}

I forget.

I forget how He has shown me redemption & reconciliation in a special friendship before. He worked out a miracle. Why can’t He do the same work within my family? I forget how He has provided me with a wonderful job when I really needed one and that I did nothing to receive. Pure grace and kindness. I forget how quickly He gave me a housing situation when I really needed one. Not only with friends to live with, but in an awesome apartment with specific little things that excite my heart. Close to my job and even closer to new friendships. An incredible blessing that I honestly couldn't have written up because I didn't see how there would be a way for me to move out. And a church. A church to call home and experience community and learn from – all of which I desired. And with people that fill my life with such joy and that I can have lunch with every Sunday when just months before I left another church and cried almost each week, desiring to belong and wishing they’d want me to join them to their lunch plans but never being invited. I’m not even sure if I even asked God for that, something as silly as to have people to enjoy lunch with, and yet He gave it to me anyway. And it means so much.

I have no reason not to trust Him. I’m foolish.

I’m going to trust Him. Because He is trustworthy.

Tonight I confessed my sins. I confessed and asked Him to take the weight I have been carrying. He wants to take it from me. I don’t have to carry it anymore. I handed it over.

I’m a long ways away I’m sure. I have a lot of changes I need to make that are practical ways for me to not be distracted. But I gave Him the weight I have been carrying about my future – husband, children. I’m not going to worry about it. I’m not going to give it the time I’m used to giving to thinking about it. I gave Him the weight of worrying about my family and trying to hold it together. I can’t hold it together. I’m not strong enough. I don’t want to carry these things. I gave them to Him. And I don’t want to look back.

I want to trust Him, day by day, moment by moment, for him to provide for all I need. Trusting and remembering that He always knows best.

I want to stop grumbling. And start trusting.

Start calling out to him for my daily needs. My daily satisfaction. Trusting in Him to provide my manna for each day. And seeing what relationship will look like with Him like that.

Pretty crazy that He wants to take our burdens and carry them for us. And He just wants relationship with us. He just wants us to depend on Him. That should bring relief to be able to call out to Him in need.

Oh how I need to learn trust. And how I need to practice surrendering. 

Praying for a posture of hands opened up towards Him - giving it all to Him.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

You can’t see something that you’re not looking at

(I started writing this post a few Sundays ago but was never able to post it due to my lack of internet at home!)


DERR! Sounds easy enough. Makes perfect sense. But it didn’t dawn on me until today during church. I thought to myself “Virginia, you can’t see something if you’re not looking at it.”
Today’s sermon was just what I needed to hear. I am so thankful for it. And while I’m on a thankful note – man, am I thankful for GENESIS. I’m so thankful that about ½ a year ago Rachel began to tell me about a sermon her pastor had spoken that was really relevant to my heart. And she invited me to check out her church sometime and I have been back every Sunday since. I’m thankful for the teaching, for the community, for the friends I have made, the things I am learning, and the cutest darn children. I’m tremendously encouraged and for that, I’m thankful.
 I have a real issue with idols in my life. Sometimes I think I tend to not see the severity in this issue, other times I don’t even know how to begin to battle them, and more times I am just so consumed and discouraged by them and how distant I feel from God as a reult. The  thing(s) I worship are not bad things. But that’s just the thing – they are good things, desirable things even, but I have let them take the place of God in my life and that is not ok.
It wasn’t until sometime in 2010/beginning of 2011 that I even realized I was worshiping any idols. Sure, I knew there were things that consumed my thoughts and heart, but I never knew the place they took over God. That was until I was given a book called “Idols of the Heart.” It was then that I realized just how bad my [heart] condition really was.
I have so much on my mind. So many things that go together and I am not organized at all.
So many things that I think God could be trying to teach me/talk to me about.
Everything ties together. Like the realization I had after being introduced to that book: that there are some idols in my heart that I need to deal with. And how the reason why I ever even wanted to hear more about GENESIS was because of the sermon Rachel told me about- a sermon asking the question “what are your false husbands?” – essentially, (and yet again) what am I worshipping? And then how one of my “asks” for this year is to be freed from the enslavement to my idol worship and to experience life as a result of this freedom. And ultimately joy that I believe will flow with that life - once I am freed. And even another thing I want to be tackling – my insecurities.  I’m beginning to read Beth Moore’s “So Long Insecurities” and she mentions the idea of “false positives” that we believe – again, addressing these lies that I believe about certain idols. Things that I let take the place of God in my life. Things I think will satisfy more than Him, when really, they cannot.

Oh brother. That’s a lot of stuff having to deal with the same issue- my idolatry.

So back to the sermon.
Today Brance spoke on King David and how he was considered a man after God’s own heart. He spoke about how David wasn’t a man after God’s heart because he had everything together and lived a near perfect life. In fact, that was not the case at all. David was a sinner. He committed adultery and in an act to cover up his own mistake, he went to have this woman’s husband killed.

But he was still considered a man after God’s heart.
Why?  Because of his response to his sin.

We see some of his response in Psalm 51 (which again, this is another piece that ties together with everything else I have been thinking about over the past 2 years. Psalm 51 has been my favorite psalm/a favorite passage from the Bible ever since I came across it sometime around the time I was realizing all my idol worship. It is all so relevant to me.) Anyways, David recognized his sin. He recognized that he had sinned against God. King David turned away from God to a false promise/false god – the woman he committed adultery with. But he didn’t stay there.

Brance said that sin is when we turn away from God to the things He has created and love them more than Him. This is something that dawned on me this past fall – I tend to worship the created more than I worship the Creator. I worship the idea of something he created (marriage) more than I worship the creator/author of that thing called marriage.

He spoke about repentance and this is what was the most impactful part of the sermon for me. I have heard of repentance before, of course, but I need to get in the practice of repenting on a daily, moment to moment basis.
Repentance is turning from my sin and to Jesus. It’s turning our backs on our sin and facing Jesus.
Maybe in turning to Jesus, then would I finally be able to see him.
Another thing that is so specific to what I’ve been asking lately. I have been journaling something like “Lord, help me to see you. I feel like I can’t see you. Give me eyes to see and ears to hear. I want to see. Please help me to see.”

Why am I not seeing? BAM. Maybe it’s because I’m not looking!! My gaze is somewhere else. How in the world can I possibly be seeing if I am not even looking in His direction? Seriously! It makes perfect sense. I need to be repenting and turning my back on my idolatry (on the false promises I believe. On the idols I am turning to) and turn to God. Turn my back on my sin and look to Him.

Psalm 51: 16-17 says “You do not desire a sacrifice, or I would offer one. You do not want a burnt offering. The sacrifice you desire is a broken spirit. You will not reject a broken and repentant heart, o God.”

Brance also mentioned how it would be a lot easier to give a bull or a dove as a sacrifice. It’s a lot harder to give our hearts as a sacrifice. And God wants our hearts.

Reminds me of the beginning of a proverb I came across a few days ago: “O my daughter, give me your heart.” He wants my heart. He wants our hearts.

So, I need to repent. I need to keep battling and fighting against these lies, these false promises I believe. I need to turn my back on my idols and give back to God the place he deserves in my heart. I need to seek him because he says He can be found. And in seeking him, my prayer is that I will find Him. And that in facing toward him, I will begin to have this sight that I have been asking for.

I need to remember the most obvious of obvious: Virginia, you can’t see something that you’re not looking at. So shift your gaze. Start looking towards him.

And maybe then you will see Him.
Actually, believe you will see Him.
And believe it will make all the difference.

Monday, February 27, 2012

an unexpected testimony

Tonight I came home and like I do every night, I walked into my parent’s room to check that they were both in the same bed. But only my dad was in bed when I asked “Where’s mom?” (expecting the worst…that they had an argument and she was sleeping upstairs) I was greatly surprised to hear my dad’s response “She’s  at church.” Church? On a Monday night? At 9:30 pm? My parents are in bed by like 7pm. But sure enough, my mom was at some women’s meeting and I thought that was pretty cool. And a relief. A relief that I would have never imagined or expected.

So she comes home , I’m in the bathroom  and she asks if I’m going to be out soon. “Well I’m naked.” So I hopped in the shower, had her come in and she wanted to read me something. “Turn the water off” she says. “Don’t worry, I can hear you” I say. She begins to tell me “I wrote down my testimony.” Total suds in my hair, I turn off the water in the shower, crouch down in my shivers and she reads.

“Dear Jesus,

Today I feel like it’s a new beginning for me because I feel in my heart that what I need in my life is you in it. Sunday at church I feel like you were reaching out your hand for me to hold onto and never let go, something I never felt before and you were telling me to trust in you and nothing else. For the longest time I wanted what everyone else has and that is peace and joy in my heart and head that no pills can do or smoking pot because it is no real. So I’m laying down the walls I have up and reaching out for you to help me and not fear anymore and change me inside. So please Jesus make me new and release the chains. I am giving you my life to mold me and let me feel joy and peace that I never had so I am reaching out in faith and asking that there is true peace and joy that I can experience it too. So Jesus I am giving this to you because nothing can fill my voids but you and guide me every day and as I walk through life don’t ever let go of my hand that I am reaching out for. I am fed up with going to bed empty and waking up empty. I need to be filled with you Jesus. So I am going to put one foot in front of me and start a new beginning and never look back to the old me. I go from one medication to another looking for happiness but my daughter said “what do you have to lose? Jesus has something for you that I will never know until I take the chance.” So here I am Jesus. I give you myself and all my hurts, depression, sadness, emptiness so you can fill every part of me from head to toe and that I never felt in my life before. So this is why I feel like this is a new beginning for me and my life. You say if I believe you I will follow you and deny myself so I can give up smoking pot, that is nothing compared to what you did for me. So please help me and I will try to do all I can to please you so you will be proud of me and let my light shine for the whole world to see what Jesus can do for me. I saw your light shine in Maureen Sunday and I want that too. So thank you Jesus. From the hand that reached out and grabbed yours and have me hope.

Love, Laura.”

I’m sharing this because it’s pretty crazy. I’m writing this down in case she ever loses the papers she jotted down her testimony one lunch break on February 27, 2012. I’m writing this down as a reminder of the work of God. I’m sharing this so you may praise our God with me for how cool he is and for the things he is up to and the ways he reaches out to individuals. I’m writing this as a way to praise Him myself, as a way to thank Him. I’m sharing this because I can’t believe the words that came out of my mother’s mouth/from within her heart. I’m sharing this because I am in shock of the way he simply but radically spoke to her one random Sunday at church yesterday.

God, I’m thanking you for the work you are up to, even when I don’t see it on a daily basis and even when/especially when I doubt you are in the midst of it all. I’m thanking you that you work in ways that are far beyond my understanding. I’m thanking you for reaching out to my mom and in a way that is very tangible to her and encouraging to her soul. I’m thanking you that you reach out to us, such messed up people, and you call us. You tell us to come to you, to return to you, despite our rebellion. I’m thanking you that you just want to be with us and that you seem to use whatever it takes to get us to return to you. I’m thanking you that although my mom’s story and journey is often filled with very dark and challenging days, she now is catching a glimpse of your presence in the story and she is seeing your hand reaching out to her. I’m thanking you that in you reaching out your hand to grasp hers, that you are filling her with hope, something she often lacks. I pray that you will overwhelm her with your presence, with your hope. That you, the God of hope, would fill her with all hope and joy. I pray that each morning as she wakes, she will ask for you to satisfy her with your unfailing love so she may sing for joy to the end of her days. I’m praying that she will seek you and find that you are able to be found. I pray that she will know you as the father she never really had growing up but always longed for her whole life. I pray that you will show her that you are the ultimate father to her, your daughter- tender and compassionate. I pray that you will be filling her. Filling her with joy that overflows. Filling her with a knowledge of you. I am asking especially for life. Life with you in eternity where all her sadness and tears will be no more, but life here as well. Will you fill her with gladness and joy as she goes about her days. I pray you will help her to enjoy the gifts she has in her life like she so desires – her family, husband, children, animals, home. Will you replace her sadness with rejoicing, her despair with hope, her death with life. Will you break the chains that keep her in bondage and slavery and will you set her free. Free to truly live, truly trust, truly enjoy. Free to give you praise. I’m asking for freedom from the bondage to her depression and that as you fee her, she would see your kindness walking with her each day on the road to new life. Remove her from the pit, and as I just heard from Kait yesterday and another Saturday night – pull her out and help her to never look back.

I ask that you will be continually changing her. Continually working on all of us.

I thank you Lord for what you are up to. For the things you are up to that I can see and witness and hear about. But I especially thank you for the things you are up to that I don’t even know about, that I’m not aware of this very moment. Thank you for the encouragement this is. Thank you for reaching out to my mom in such a real way and for her sharing her testimony with such authenticity. It’s pretty crazy. In such a good kind of crazy.

Don’t stop here. Continue to do a miracle in our lives and hearts every day. 

And thank you for a moment at 9:45pm on a Monday night that I would not be able to experience if I were elsewhere. Thank you for the beauty that is around me. Thank you that you know what you’re up to despite my thinking otherwise. Thank you for the gift and the beauty in “home” right now. For the time I get to be here and how if I would just surrender to where I am, I would be able to catch glimpses of the beauty in today. Thank you for the beauty. 

praising you for your work. for your power. for your ability. for your pursuit. for your love and kindness to your children. for reaching out a hand. for reaching out your hand after your already gave your life. 

Monday, December 26, 2011

{i'm a change in the making}

really loving this song:
Addison Road - Change in the Making
it's bringing much hope.

There’s a better version of me
That I can’t quite see
But things are gonna change
Right now I’m a total mess and
Right now I’m completely incomplete
But things are gonna change
Cause you’re not through with me yet

This is redemption’s story
With every step that I'm taking
Every day, you’re chipping away
What I don’t need
This is me under construction
This is my pride being broken
And every day I’m closer to who I’m meant to be
I'm a change in the making

Wish I could live more patiently
Wish I could give a little more of me
Without stopping to think twice
Wish I had faith like a little child
Wish I could walk a single mile
Without tripping on my own feet
But you’re not through with me yet

And this is redemption’s story
With every step that I'm taking
And every day, you’re chipping away
What I don’t need
This is me under construction
This is my pride being broken 
Every day I’m closer to who I’m meant to be

From the dawn of history
{You make new and you redeem}
From a broken world to a broken heart
You finish what you start in everything
Like a river rolls into the sea
We’re not who we’re going to be
But things are going to change 

I'm living redemption’s story
With every step that I'm taking
And every day, you’re chipping away
What I don’t need
And this is me under construction
This is my pride being broken
And every day I’m closer to who I’m meant to be
I'm a change in the making 

I'm not who I'm gonna be
Moving closer to your glory

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


please tell me you've seen Dirty Dancing.
oh how i love Dirty Dancing! it is definitely my longest-favorite movie of all time.
i wish i knew how many times i have seen it because it would be a lot.

i often laugh with my friends when the topic of Dirty Dancing comes up. or Disney movies. because i always tell them that while they were all watching the Little Mermaid or the Lion King, i was watching Dirty Dancing.
{yes...probably 4-years old.} in fact, what i really wish i knew is not necessarily how many times i have seen the movie but how old i was when i first saw it.
so ya, while they all quote every Disney movie and sing every theme song, i can never join in.
because i was the little girl watching Dirty Dancing.
i was the little girl pulling out my couch so that i could try to walk on the back of it like Johnny and Baby do on the log.
and i'm still the girl who will put the DVD in the player or go to youtube just so i can watch the last 5 or so minutes of the movie...the scene i wait for while watching the entire movie.
when Johnny says "nobody puts Baby in a corner" and grabs her hand to take her to go dance on the stage.

and i'm still the girl who pathetically can get tears in her eyes when i hear the final song and wish and pray that someday i'll dance to that song at my wedding. i'm not saying i have to do the whole dance, although that would be so freaking cool and i've seen it done on youtube.
BUT i definitely want that to be my last song of the night.
"now i'veeeeee had the time of my lifeeeee....and i owe it all to youuuuuuuuuu!"
a girl can dream.

ANYWAYS! enough about the end scene.
if you've seen the movie before you can remember the scene where Baby sneaks out one night and finds Johnny's cousin (who i forget his name now! what a fan i am!) walking up to where all the "dirty dancing" takes place. and up the stairs he is carrying 3 watermelons.
eventually Baby take one and is led up into the room which much surprise at what all happens after work hours are over.
and Johnny walks in, eventually saying about how she got there and she responds with
"i carried a watermelon."
and i just love her face afterward and her embarrassment as she says to herself "I carried a watermelon?!?!" because this is often my life.
i get nervous. say something ridiclous. and then afterward say it back to myself with such horror and embarrassment.


so here's a little story. i sent this email to my friend Kait weeks ago knowing that she'd get a kick out of it.
hopefully you can understand the way i talk because that is the way i type -
often not making any sense to anyone unless you can actually hear me saying it as you read.

{so the man taking the shredded bins is here and just introduced himself to me. he was telling me he was gonna go bring the other bins down and come back for the rest... yada yada. and he says something like "ok and then I'll be right back, Virginia" -- (he was acknowledging my name because of my name thing on my desk.) and then he says something about his name being Rafael and shakes my hand, introducing himself. and then says "you have beautiful eyes by the way…" and I say "thank you, you do too…I've been noticing them." OH MY WORDDD.. I've been noticing them?! that's like in dirty dancing when she says "I CARRIED A WATERMELON???!!!"}

fyi: he did have beautiful eyes. beautiful enough that it probably wasn't odd for me to point them out in response to his compliment. he was hispanic and had eyes that he shouldn't have is the only way i know how to describe it. the dark skin with like clear crystal blue/green eyes. you don't see that everyday. and when you do, they stand out. apparently enough to make me notice them.
more than once! haha

so there was my "I carried a watermelon?!?!" moment.
i was freaked because a) i was talking to a guy and feeling like he was being extra friendly and i have issues and b) he was complimenting me and i got nervous...therefore making c) my nervousness got the best of me making it extra easy to say something stupid.

so i went on to tell the story to my friend and co-work Katy and we laughed together.
and i go on to tell the story here so i can laugh some more.

the thing is is that he DID have beautiful eyes. where i went wrong was with how i worded it in a panic...
i had not been NOTICING them. although yes, i DID notice them. just once though.

this is what happens when I'm nervous. and there's nothing to be nervous. he's simply saying something nice about me but I just almost freak a little everytime something like that happens.

and to top it off, to end it on the same kind of note:

he says to me as he is leaving the office- 
"you're really beautiful by the way."

and i awkwardly say thank you. twice. once looking at him i think?! and the other not looking at him, but nervously looking down. and then he waves to me as he's getting in the elevator.

story of my life.
story of a 14 year old (if that) being stuck in the body of a 23 year old.
for now.

i will get better at this.
and for now i will just try to make you laugh with me.